How it works

  • Members book an appointment for any test and receive a confirmation with appointment date and timings.
  • Member may be required to fast for 12 hours prior to the test and will be informed prior to the appointment date.
  • Samples are collected at patient’s home
  • All specimens collected from the patient are sent to the US for diagnostic testing at LabCorp, one of the largest diagnostic labs in the world.
  • As soon as the results are available, they are shared with the patient and the healthcare provider.
  • Patients can access the results online or through app and securely sharethe reports with other health care providers or family members anywhere in the world.
  • Patientscan review the results with their family doctor or book an appointment with any participating provider. Patients also have the option to book a tele-visit (telephone visit) with a participating provider in the US to review the lab results.
  • If patients consult with any registered provider in India, they can request the provider to send the medication prescriptions electronically to a local participating pharmacy. Patients can make the payment and collect the prescriptions from the local pharmacy or opt for home delivery.
  • Patients also have the option to consult a participating US doctor via tele-visit (telephone visit). If any prescription medications are required, they can request the Us doctor to send the prescriptions electronically to a local pharmacy in the US or a US mail order pharmacy or to a local participating pharmacy in India.