Benefits with I Physician Hub Diagnostics

Reliable & Accurate Results

We offer the most advanced and unique diagnostic testing services in India. Patient samples are collected in India and tested in the US using the most advanced testing process, at LabCorp, one of the largest labs in the US, to provide the most reliable lab results at an affordable price.

Home Collection Service

We collect your blood samples in India at your home and do all the testing in the US to provide the most reliable results.

Comprehensive Test Results

If you have any chronic conditions like diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, hyperlipidemia, or want to get tested for annual checkup, allergies, heart, fever, anemia, vitamin levels, UTI – urinary tract infection, STD – sexually transmitted diseases, we offer comprehensive panels with all relevant tests to get a complete report for your condition.

Advanced Tests

You can select any advanced tests available in the US for any health condition, including genetic, prenatal, cancer, heart, etc., and get tested immediately.

Use Reports in India or US

You can use the blood test report for doctor consultation and treatment in India or the US.

Affordable Pricing

Your blood test results play a vital role for proper diagnosis and treatment. We offer the most reliable and accurate results at an affordable price. Our prices are competitive with any specialty hospitals in India.

Online Booking and Payment

You can book your lab orders online and pay in rupees or dollars and access results from any anywhere and anytime.

Access Reports Online

You can access reports online or use iHealthApp, a complete personal health care app, to snap and store your lab reports and easily share with any family member or a doctor anywhere and anytime.